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Partners in Action for Healthy Living (PAHL) is proud to help cultivate the prosperity and health of our community in many ways, primarily through the growth of community gardens, and our support of community, school, and faith-based gardens in metro Atlanta. 



PAHL offers a 4 week summer camp in the Peace Community Garden each year. Campers learn to plant, cultivate and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. They learn about different plants, ways to cook nutritious foods and organic gardening methods.

Learning Garden

The simple act of caring for living soil and plants gives children the foundation for understanding the principles of birth, growth, maturity, death, competition, cooperation and many other lessons that correlate to human lives.  With school gardens directly connected to the curriculum, students are exposed to youth stewardship, land cultivation and the impacts of agriculture within our society; while building essential skills and increasing academic performance. PAHL strives to bridge the resource gap in lower-income communities and food deserts.

Community Garden

Community gardens provide a healthy, safe space for residents and their families. Whether for experienced gardeners or beginners who want to get their hands dirty, community gardens give people the opportunity and space to grow their own food, socialize with other people and learn about edible gardening. 

Discover Apiary

Discover the secret lives of bees at the PAHL Discover Apiary! These necessary pollinators are essential to a gardens ecosystem and allow us to enjoy the fruits of their (and our!) labor. Discover Apiary aids in the mission to help our pollinator friends continue to thrive for our future generations to come. 

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