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PAHL offers different maintenance plans to help keep your garden looking its absolute best!


Our comprehensive garden management programs will provide you with a dedicated garden manager/grounds crew that will perform Garden Management services as scheduled. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, the manager will be available to you by phone or email- if not in person. Your garden manager will keep you informed and will alert you to any potential issues. A written report of all maintenance activities completed will be available after every visit.


 A PAHL garden manager/grounds crew will perform Garden Management programs as scheduled. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and seasonal service plans with many options designed to keep your plants and trees healthy and thriving all year round!

 ** A percentage of all produce grown will be donated to local food pantries.

Garden Design Plan:


Do you have extra green space waiting to be utilized? PAHL offers sustainable solutions to help get your idea off of the ground, literally! From container gardening, raised bed installs, to plant selection and layout we got you covered



On-site or virtual garden consultations are available. Whether you have been gardening for years or are a novice, our garden consultant will meet with you to identify your garden's specific needs. During the consultation, the consultant can provide you with answers to any questions you have about your garden and offer advice on how to successfully move forward.

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